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About Us

Blossom Trade International since 20 years

Our company’s comprises experienced and knowledgeable staff whose expertise in Sourcing, Inspections and other related services is of top most order. Providing the right services and at the right time is its password. Its public relation with the manufacturers all over the country is its strongest asset. The company aims at providing the most efficient and highly competent services in all aspects of business. Over the period of time the promoter of the company has developed excellent rapport with the best suppliers in Bangladesh and can legitimately claim the same with the best buyers in the world.

Our Core Values

At Blossom Trade International, we serve as a vital link between apparel buyers and garment manufacturers. Our role as a buying house is to facilitate seamless communication, efficient processes, and exceptional service

Quality Assurance

Quality defines us. Our rigorous quality checks ensure that every order meets international standards. We stand by the excellence of our products


At Blossom Trade International, authenticity is our compass. We believe in transparent communication, genuine relationships, and honest dealings. Our authenticity builds trust with clients and partners alike

Special Offer

Sometimes special offer will be going on. Keep an eye on the Blossom Trade International facebook page.


Blossom Trade Internatioal successfully worked with 300+ companies.

Ask Us

Feel free to reach out with any questions about buying. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.